I live in Austin Texas with my fiance Daniel, our dog Iggy, our cat Lemmy and many fish. Living in Austin allows me access to wonderful grocers, several farmer’s markets and restaurants to make my taste buds spin. My passion for food developed in stages. First I was a baker, I baked for friends and family and eventually moved my love for confections into a small business. I sold cookies to cafe and coffee shops. The cost of commercial kitchen space in Austin Texas makes having a small business cost prohibitive. I dissolved my company rather than expand.

I began really exploring cooking real food only in the past three year’s. I have gone from “cooking” from the freezer to actually preparing real food from scratch. My taste buds have awaken to delights I never imagined and my creativity in the kitchen is boundless.

My home in Austin allows me to indulge fully in being a foodie and my job at a specialty grocer constantly drives my passion for food. Luckily I also have a passion for fitness that keeps everything in check.


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  1. lorrielorrieb July 9, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    Hey thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to catching up on yours.


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    […] HEALTHY MODERATION¬† said that she liked one of my posts, so of course I went to visit her! […]

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